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Package 1 - Template-Based

Prices FROM £625

You choose a design from the range of templates on this page and we then build an individually branded website around that design for you. Our template-based design package includes:

• customisation of design picked by you (branded with your name, photos etc.)
• integration of full content management system (for self-update of website text and images)
• contact form
• photo gallery system
• biog page, cv page, video page (i.e. for embeding youtube videos)
• domain reg and 1st years' hosting (worth £75) included in price

Choose a design from our range (mouseover to get template number) and then complete our quote request form

Package 2 - Themed WordPress Installation

FROM £725

WordPress Logo: click for WordPress websiteAn actor themed installation, configuration, and branding of the popular WordPress blog/content management system.

2 suggested WordPress themes ...

Live Demo here »

Live Demo here»

Search for other suitable WordPress themes here »

Package 3 - Bespoke Design

Prices FROM £975

Functionality as with Package 1, but with a 100% bespoke design by our graphic design partner Madeleine Weber

View some of Madeleine's work here »

Package 4 - Actor Website ... enter Promotion Code 3854703 to claim your first month free!

Mayapur is proud to recommend for their excellent range of pay-monthly self-configuration website packages. They offer a huge choice of styles and layouts, and you require no technical skill to set up your website. And if you enter our special promo code 3854703 when you sign up ... you'll get your first month FREE

Prices FROM $10.99/month

Below are examples of a few websites built from the many themes and styles available at

Visit here »

Don't forget to enter Promotion Code 3854703 during the Dynamod sign up process to claim your first month free

Special Actor Website Packages

template-based design
themed WordPress
bespoke design package

Choose a package according to your budget ... either way you end up with a fully branded and content managed website!

Template Range - By building your website around a ready-made template we are able to keep our prices low.

Choose a design from the range below (mouseover to get template number) and then complete our quote request form

Our Approach to Building a Website - Athough all the designs above are available as ready-made templates (complete with graphics and html etc.), our approach to building a website is to always code fresh html from scratch. This makes for improved search engine optimisation and increased flexibility for customisation and integration of content management. In other words, we preserve the graphical appearance of any design you choose, but generate our own html code. In the long run we find this the most efficient approach.

Identify Your Own Design Template - If you do not see a design you like you are welcome to yourself identify a website template/design elsewhere and tell us where to find it ... we will do the rest!

Here are a few places you might like to start looking:

Mayapur General Website Templates

N.B. We advise you not to purchase a template until you have discussed its suitability with us.

Flash website templates
If you end up choosing a full-flash (animated) website template elsewhere ... we will 100% preserve its graphical appearance for the website we build for you. But because flash websites are problematic to integrate with content management, and generally perform poorly with search engines, we will not build the actual flash website for you. Of course full-flash websites are possible, but they need to be approached and priced outside the special actor website packages detailed on this page.

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