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Development / Web-based Software

Featured Software Project - Wine Wholesaler Business Software
Ralph's Wines - Bespoke software developed to manage all aspects of wine import business.

The software facilitates

  • stock management
  • customer order processing
  • customer communication
  • new business development
  • account reporting
  • sales team user interface
  • online invoicing

Featured Software Project - Milk Delivery Software - Bespoke software to manage all aspects of user registration, user delivery, user management, milk delivery report generation, and charge integration (with WorldPay).

The software facilitates

  • user-facing registration and enquiry
  • user-facing account management, including manage/pause deliveries
  • admin delivery report generation (outputting weekly spreadsheets in format required by milk delivery company partner)
  • admin charge report generation (integrating with WorldPay to charge user's cards via FuturePay agreements on 4 or 5 weekly cycles, including adjustments for under or overpayments during previous cycle)
  • admin-facing user account management
  • admin dashboard flagging all tasks requiring attention

Featured Software Project - Multi Mirco Site Management CMS
Software enabling client to centrally manage content for over 50 remotely hosted SEO theme-focused sites.
  • efficient creation of additional sites (typically 1 hour per new site)
  • each remote site with files, image paths, page names, etc., constructed for maximum SEO
  • Remote sites using from a range of html templates ... selected as appropriate to site theme

Featured Software Project - Secure Holiday Booking Management Software
Web-based software to enable secure management of online holidays bookings/payments by travel agent/tour operator client as they travel around the world.
  • forced https for all front and back end facing areas
  • encryption of all sensitive data using php mcrypt
  • mulitple user access levels
  • logging of all user activity
  • database backup

Featured Software Project - Photo Sharing Portal - A bespoke holiday photo sharing portal website featuring single and multi-user accounts. The website was built with facility for dynamic creation of unlimited holiday micro (stand-alone) websites which are accessed directly or via various lists and/or search results on the main website.

The software facilitates

  • self-policing for the reporting of in appropriate holiday photos
  • travel agent managed landing pages, enabling travel agents to screen and control which holiday records are presented when the site is accessed via a link on their own site
  • Automated single user account creation
  • Facility for account upgrade (to multi-user) and/or purchase of extra quota via paypal
  • Comprehensive content management interfaces for all levels of users
  • Dynamic processing and resizing of all user-uploaded photos ... for the sake of user-friendliness and the saving of webspace on the client's server

Featured Software Project - Educational website & CMS – An educational website with a fun design, a dynamic flash map of europe which drills through to content managed via bespoke CMS, with front facing pages optimised for whiteboard projection in classrooms.

The software facilitates

  • A 'Star' character design and theme throughout to engage children
  • CMS for self management of a varied range of content types with choice presentation templates etc.,

Utilisation of open-source software
In the course of delivering software solutions to our clients we often utilise ready developed open-source software in conjunction with our own bespoke project-specific software. There is no point re-inventing the wheel, and importantly, utilisation of such software helps us keep our prices down.

Examples of open-source software previously used. - Free Open Source Applications cross-browser WYSIWYG (rich text) editor

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

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Gallery2, the open source web based photo album organizer

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PHP-Nuke, the popular content management system

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Joomla, the popular content management system

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Drupal, the popular content management system

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EasySite - a popular content management system using DHTML layers to deliver huge layout flexibility and osDate - online dating software, both from

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phpBB - the high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source bulletin board package.


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