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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines place importance upon a whole range of things including html (see hypertext markup language SEO service ), page and image naming, image alt tags and titles, linking to subject-related websites, page titles, meta tag keywords and descriptions, page text/keyword content ratios, and, perhaps most importantly, on links to your site placed on ranked pages of other contextually relevant sites (see inbound link service ).

All websites designed by Mayapur Design are guided by a solid understanding of the above principles.

Success Example the website of UK charity, Sound Seekers, was optimised by Mayapur Design to respond to a keyword search 'deaf charity'. Within a month it had risen from nowhere to Google's 2nd position, and gained placement within the first 10 for many other major search engines. Work on the site included keyword research, page by page optimisation, creation of a non-frames version of the site (search engines don't like frames!), and submission to major search engines

High Rankings - SEO Experts
Mayapur Design's philosophy and approach to SEO is guided by principles discussed and analysed at

SEO - HTML Optimisation Service
We offer a website optimisation service which includes research and implementation of adjustments to an existing website, followed by submission to major search engines (if not already indexed).

Price: £150 for analysis of your website and keyword research + £7/page, for optimisation of the html of your site based on agreed list of key search words or phrases.

Mayapur Design does not make promises about making your website number 1 on google etc. What we promise is to implement solid, tried and tested (i.e. non speculative) search engine friendly html etc., throughout your website, so that proper indexing of your content by the major search engines will not be hampered.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

SEO - Inbound Link Building Service

Quality inbound links are considered by some to be the holy grail of SEO ... Google regards inbound links as 'votes' for your site ... but caution needs to be executed ... for example, placing quick and easy inbound links on link-farm sites or on many sites located on the same c-class ip address is useless for SEO,... and some say even detrimental. Building credible inbound links in fact requires careful identification of suitable websites (i.e. contextual to your website) and then one-to-one negotiations with the individual owners/webmasters. It is by necessity a time consuming process.

Our Inbound contextual link building service ... Mayapur has a well established and solid relationship with partners in India for the building of inbound links. Because of relative living costs our partners can make good money, but their work remains cost-effective for us. We have carefully scrutinised all inbound links built during past campaigns and have thereby established confidence in their service. We believe we have a win win situation ... so do our clients!


  • Orders of 75 + links: £7/link
  • Orders of 125 + links: £6/link
  • Orders of 200 + links: £5/link

below are details of the service ...

Manual Inbound Link Development Only

  • No software employed at any stage of the link development.
  • Manual link development ensures objectivity and adherence to the link building good practices.

Strict Inbound Link Quality Parameters

  • All links are sourced from contextually relevant pages. (no directory links).
  • All link pages have a Page Rank ranging from PR 1-4. This page rank is of the page where the link resides and not the home page of the website.
  • Links are sourced from pages which have been indexed by search engines and the page does not have ‘rel=no follow’ clause.
  • No links are developed from FFAs, porn or prohibited (bad neighbourhood) websites. These are prohibited by the Search Engines and should not be accepted.
  • Not more than 100 outbound links exist on the page that the link is obtained from.
  • Links are sourced from relevant page and not from a non relevant page of a thematically relevant website.

Inbound Link Building Process

  • Theme Analysis: Analysing the website theme and its content is vital to the success of any link building project.
  • Partner Identification: identification of potential partners whose business domains are compatible project/website.
  • Monitoring: keeping close eye on the partner sites for performance. A website hosting few but useful links is preferred over a website inclined toward being a link pool.
  • Negotiation: Once a website passes thematic filtering parameters, we invite it for negotiations.

Inbound Link NDA

  • A Non Disclosure Agreement exists to protect the interests of clients.
  • No showcasing of client projects takes place.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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