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Terms and Conditions

Payment and Invoice Settlement
All invoices to be settled within 14 days of issue.

50% up-front payment required on projects for new clients or for projects of value £500 or greater prior to commencement of work.

Mayapur Design reserves the right to insist on 100% up-front payment.

Intellectual Property
Although each project (website/application etc., as a whole entity) delivered by Mayapur Design becomes the property of the client upon completion, all component software and associated functionality developed and/or implemented by Mayapur Design in the course of delivering the project remain, without exception, the intellectual property of Mayapur Design or respective third parties, as the case may.

Post Implementation Assurance
Mayapur Design provides a 30-day Post Implementation Assurance (PIA) period on all projects where an agreed project document exists*. During the PIA period any defects within the deliverables of a project will be rectified free of charge. This does not cover problems resulting from changes of mind on the part of the client, or rectifying any procedural issues in terms of how the deliverables are used and operated by the client.

It is therefore important that the client take care to:

  1. Review the project document carefully before finally committing to the project (i.e. making the initial payment); and
  2. Thoroughly review and test the deliverables following completion so that any defects can be addressed within the 30-day PIA.

* In cases where no project document exists (this is normal for smaller or on-going-development projects), the onus is on the client to review and thoroughly test completed work before settling the final invoice. Assuming no issues, final invoices are to be settled with 14 days of issue as per 'Payment and Invoice Settlement' above.

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