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Bespoke SoftwareCustom coded web-based software created with the php scripting language in combination with the MySQL relational database management system

Selected Projects

Temple School Visit Booking System

Bespoke software to delivery system for booking school visits to a Hindu temple, including timetable creation, account/payment management, data acquisition prompts, follow ups, report generation etc.

Milk Delivery Management System

Bespoke software built to manage customer records, payments, milk delivery round report generation, later expanded to manage membership and sponsorship.

Wine Import Business Management System

Screenshot of bespoke software built to deliver a complete range of wine import business management routines including stock maintance between numerous locations, customer account / order management and invoicing, content for front facing website, purchase orders, report generation, account spreadsheet generation, etc.

Front-facing website for Wine Import Business


Front-facing website driven by content from the same database as the associated Wine Import Business Management System

Citizens of Europe Admin Dashboard

Screenshot of bespoke content management system (CMS) dashboard purpose designed to power front-facing Citizens of Europe website without uncessary clutter (as is normal with generic out-the-box CMS), includes tools for creation of classroom quizzes and expansion of content as needed.

Front-facing website for Citizens of Europe


Front-facing website designed for classroom whiteboard projection. Includes distinct areas for students and teachers

Bhagavad-gita 4 U


A personal project website serving up randomly selected versions from the Bhagavad-gita